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571 Mini Cowboy Clipper Kit 2-Speed w/Wide blade

Price: $389.45
In stock
Item #: LA57111100

The 571 Cowboy Clipper is perfect for grooming large animals, such as horses, cattle, sheep, and more. This clipper gives you the best power with an angled head for easy clipping on all large animals. You'll love the ergonomic push points that make it easy to push or pull this high-powered clipper through the toughest hair. The Laube brand Yellow is easy to find in barns and the Cordless option makes it a snap to use out in the field, or anywhere; and without sacrificing any power!
  • Fits all snap on style blades (wide & regular)
  • Cool & Quiet 4,000-10,000 SPM
  • Cord /Cordless option*
  • Smooth Clip, No Tracks
  • Weighs just 14oz.
  • Only 6.5" Short
  • 5-Year Limited Motor Warranty
  • Patents Pending
  • Proudly MADE IN USA of U.S. & imported parts
  • Extra lever, grease, oil & blade brush
*batteries & charger optional purchase item

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Product Reviews & Testimonials

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Two Thumbs and Four Hooves Up for the Cowboy Clippers
Diane (Virginia) 1/7/2012 6:54 AM
I body clip a lot of horses each year and have always used my giant Oster Clipmasters. As a result, when my husband gifted me with a new set of Laube Cowboys Clippers I was quite dubious that they would work as well or better than the Osters. They were puny in comparison with an odd shape to them. However, I promised I would give them a fair go and figured, at best, I would have a nice pair of "back-up" clippers. Yesterday was the first opportunity I had to take them for a test drive. As luck would have it, I needed to clip the hairiest beast in the barn who isn't at all shy about letting everyone know of his absolute distaste for the whole clipping process. With my Osters, it normally takes me four hours to fully clip him and I have to alternate between two sets of clippers because the blades get so hot even though I use a blade coolant. I also have to sedate him when I start and then sedate him again halfway through the process or else all bets are off. Wow! Was I in for a very pleasant surprise using the Cowboy Clippers. It took me under three hours to do the job and I never once had to stop to let the blades cool. They cut great, were a breeze to maneuver, and their light weight meant my hands and arms weren't aching when I was finished. Plus, because of their design, they didn't blow hair all over the place. More remarkable, however, was I sedated bad pony when I started, but didn't have to sedate him a second time despite the fact that he was fully awake by the time I was about halfway through. He never got cranky and even let me do his face and ears without a fuss. That alone was worth the price of admission. Needless to say, I am now a "Laube convert" and believe they are some of the best clippers on the market today. I have four more horses to de-hair in the next few days and am actually looking forward to the clipping fest instead of dreading it like I normally would. In the future, I will definitely be adding to my "Laube collection. THANKS!
Large animal
Dale (Arizona) 4/23/2009 9:41 PM
Finally a clipper for us guys!Small, compact yet tough and powerful. Color is great, now I can find it in the barn! I like how it cuts very smoothe. Love your products.
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