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Q. Where do I oil?

A. You oil the teeth of the cutter blade & then wipe clean before, during & after grooming.


Q. How do I remove the Cutter Blade?

A. Push the cutter blade back away from the trimmer using both thumbs. Be sure and do this over a soft surface so you do not drop the blade and break the teeth.


Q. How do I attach the Cutter Blade?

A. Move the lever to the #9 setting on back of trimmer, set the blade peg into the trimmer notch and snap toward the trimmer.


Q. Are these Cutter blades sharpenable?

A. Yes, they can be sharpened a few times by qualified sharpeners (please call).  Then they should be thrown away.  Reorder item#LA30501 steel or #LA30502 ceramic.


Q. Can I clean the blades in between grooms?

A. Yes, this is a must as hair can and will build up in between the teeth and cause your blade not to cut properly.  Use Laube blade dip (#LA303712). Run your cutter blade in the dip while the trimmer is on and running, be sure the trimmer is in the downward position so the liquid DOES NOT runs down the motor. This can ruin your motor and void your warranty.  Wipe all visible residue off before turning back upright. If hair is caught In between teeth try using a small zip tie and run through to push the hair out.


Q. How do I know when the batteries are charged?

A. The light will eventually turn from red, orange, yellow, then green. When green your battery is fully charged.


Q. How long does it take to charge my batteries?

A. There are two bays in your charging unit, a slow and a fast.  The slow charge can take up to 6 - 24 hours in the beginning for a full 100% charge.  The fast charge can take about ½ to 45 minutes for 80% battery charge. Conditions vary.


Q. Can I store my trimmer in the charging bay when finished charging?

A. Yes, you can leave your trimmer in the charging bay when finished charging, but it is always a good idea to remove when leaving for the evening or unattended for any length of time.


Q. I Cannot remove my battery, what am I doing wrong?

A. The batteries are locked in placed so they do not fall out, be sure and press and hold the release button on the side of your trimmer while turning this will disengage the lock that is holding your battery.


Q. How do I use my cutter blade comb attachments?
 A. These are used when you want to leave the coat on the animal you are grooming longer than what just the cutter blades will leave.  Slide the lever on the back of the trimmer to #30 when using comb attachments.  Use the combs with the grain (growth) of the hair for longer lengths and against the grain (growth) for shorter lengths.


Q. Do the speed feed batteries eventually wear out? 
 A. yes, your batteries do eventually wear out and should be replaced periodically (item#LA30505) the time period can vary.
Q. Why is my battery is no longer working or taking a charge? Or melted?
A. You may have set your battery on or too close to any type of metal surface or stainless steel table, or even a steel blade. This can damage the cells and cause your battery not to function properly and void your warranty.



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