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FAQ About Clipper Blades
Q. I cannot snap my blade on my clipper, what am I doing wrong?
 A. You must hear two clicks when snapping your blade on.   Have your clipper turned on while snapping on your blade, snap down once and then again firmly until you hear that second click.  They will loosen in time.
Q. My blades are getting hot too fast, what should I do?
 A.  These are professional clippers with lots of torque and power.  You will experience more heat, your blade man or service man should know how to adjust the tension on your blade to loosen (DO NOT LOOSEN SCREWS ON BACK OF BLADE) this will help.  Oil, oil, oil, this will help keep your blades cool. We manufacture a product oil in a can we like to call it.  “Dr. Slick” (item#LA303212) great stuff.  Or you can use Lube ‘N Cool.
Q. How do I get my blades to stop rattling?
 A. Usually this is caused by the little ears or wings being spread on the blade socket.  Using needle nose pliers simple squeeze these slightly toward the center of the socket to make a tighter fit.
Q. What’s the difference between Steel blades and Ceramic Blades?
 A.  Steel blades are both lower and upper steel and Ceramic is lower steel/Titanium and upper (cutter) ceramic.  Ceramic will stay cool and sharp longer, but ceramic cutters break easier.
Q. What blade size should I use on my dog, horse, cat, Llama, goat, or rabbit, etc?
 A.  This is a hard question to answer because every pet owner loves their animal shaved and groomed a certain length and way.  The best advise is to contact your local groomer and seek their advise or perhaps purchase a grooming guide.  Our clippers usually come with a standard size #10 cutter blade (size could vary).
Q. How and when should I clean my clipper blades?
 A.  You should clean your clipper blades after every use in Laube Blade dip (item#LA303712).  Hold clipper in a downward position, Dip blades in Laube blade dip while blade is attached to clipper and still running.  Wipe off excess solvent.  This will keep blades clean and oiled and ready for your next groom. 
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