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FAQ’s about Grooming Clippers

 Q. What is the best clipper to body shave most dogs?
A.  We recommend these clippers, the 521, 721, 821 & the 804 (cordless). These clippers are great for full body clipping, tough jobs, thick matted coats.  Also, these models have the largest clipper blade selection in the world.

Q. I only want to shave my dogs face, ears, paws, and tummy, what full power clipper do you do you recommend?
A. We recommend the 881 iCLIP Clipper or the 721 Mini Micro or the 821can also be  used for lighter full strips.  These clippers have the largest blade selection in the world to choose from, a blade for every clip job.
Q. I only want to do a quick touch up on my dog, or I have a puppy that’s not use to clipping noise or being groomed, what trimmer do you recommend?
A. We recommend the 305 Speed Feed trimmer.  We also recommend the 721 Mini Micro, or the 821 Litening for full body clipping as the puppy ages. Great for all touch ups!
Q. I want an all around clipper that will do the job, but I Don’t want to spend a lot of money, what do you recommend?
A. We recommend the 881 iCLIP clipper, priced to be competitive to most clippers on the market. The iCLIP clippers also have the same  moderate speed as the other brands of clippers on the market, & have the largest blade selection in the world.
Q. I need something to do a quick touch up around the ears, face, and eyes, that won’t be noisy and I can carry in my pocket, what trimmer do you recommend?
A. We recommend the 327 Hair pen trimmer this little trimmer is cord/cordless4 oz and perfect to slip in your pocket.  We also recommend the 303 Zipper Trimmer (cord/cordless), this trimmer is perfect for touch ups and has a little bit more power than the 327 Hairpen.  Another trimmer we recommend is the 305 Speed Feed trimmer (cordless) this trimmer is a great all around trimmer.
 Q. I’m tired of breathing in all that dog hair and dander, and clean up, what do you recommend?
A. We have the perfect clipper for you, 851 iVac Clipper. This clipper will attach to any vacuum system.  Sucks away hair and dander while you groom. “Prescribed for your health”!  We also have a full line of vacuum trimmers, models: iVac hairpen model 427, iVac Zipper trimmer model 403.  Also available are these iVac accessories: iVac tool handle, iVac brush & iVaac combs.  With all these great tools you will eliminate hair and debris in your air.
Q. I need a small trimmer, but do not need it to be cordless, what do you recommend? Small jobs?
A. We recommend the 326 Pee Wee trimmer.  This little trimmer is corded and powerful.  Its Handy for those small quick jobs.  We also recommend the cord/cordless 303 Zipper, Also available is the 327 Hairpen and 350 Hairpen AA (battery).
 Q. I have cats, that need to be groomed what do you recommend for a full clipper?
A. We recommend the 804 (cordless) or the 883 (variable speed) iCLIP Clippers. If  you are only using for trimming cats, use the 305 Purrrl trimmer.
 Q. I groom full body clips and strip downs on animals that are extra dirty & Matted, basically every day, what clippers are extra heavy duty and will hold up to this kind of  task easily?
A. We recommend these heavy duty models: 523, 521, 503, 513, & 505 and some of these are cord/cordless and all have the largest blade selection in the world.
Q. What is the difference between a clipper  and a trimmer?
 A. Clipper vs. Trimmer, the difference between a clipper and a trimmer is that a clipper is used for heavy-duty, all-over body hair   cutting. A trimmer, is designed for close-cutting in smaller areas, like trimming around the ears and eyes, the base of the tail, and other "finish" cutting.
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