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FAQ’s Retail Grooming Market


Q- Is there a wide selection of products in the home-grooming accessories category?

A- The home grooming accessories category has an extremely wide selection of products to choose from.


Q- How should retailers go about choosing their stores’ selection?

A- Retailers should choose a line or brand of grooming accessories that are high quality and hold up well because the fact is this: these are tools and they will be dropped and banged around in the grooming environment.  So, for repeat business, high quality name brands will drive more sales to the retailer.


Q- Is this category growing, stable or declining?

A-The home-grooming accessories are a huge growing category.  Every year it becomes larger.  More people equals more pets, more pets equals more grooming accessory sales.


Q- How are trends in demand for professional pet grooming affecting sales of home grooming products, and how should retailers react to theses trends?

A- Trends in the professional groomer category are driving the home grooming tool accessory business to grow huge.  For example, when retail customers see animals being groomed at professional grooming establishments or dog shows, or horse, cattle, farm shows, or veterinary offices or dog/cat kennels, then the retail customer wants the same shampoo, clipper, comb, dryer, brush and dematting tools that the professionals use.

Retailers are wise to stock more professional high quality tools to generate higher repeatable sales from their retail customers.


Q- What are the typical challenges and opportunities retailers will have when merchandising this category?

A-      The typical challenge for retailers is to determine in their mind that they need a high quality professional brand of grooming tools.  Usually retailers fall into the trap of just trying to find grooming tools with a cheap price that has nice packaging.  Those so-called cheap price tools are more like trinkets that look nice, but do not hold up under the rigorous job of grooming an animal properly.


The retailer needs to do some investigative searching by contacting several professional groomers in the various animal grooming fields and inquire as to what is the best tool/brush/clipper/comb/dryer/shampoo etc., Then stock those items.  The retail customer will love that retailer.


Q- What is the most effective way to merchandise these products?

A-      The most effective way to merchandise these professional items is for the retailer to become educated about the professional brand of grooming tools they are choosing to sell.  Then, the retailer can explain with confidence to the retail customer that the tool they recommend will do the job for the retail customer.

Q- When you think of some of the most successful retailers in the industry, what is it that they do that makes them so successful at selling these products?

A-      The most successful retailers have only the professional brands of grooming tool accessories for their customers and they have become adept at selling their customers and they have become adept at selling their customer base high quality professional brands not available in  box Kmart/ Target/ Wal-Mart type stores.


Q- What are some mistakes retailers should avoid?

A-      Retailers should avoid these mistakes:

a.       Avoid the same or similar products as the big box stores such as K-mart/Target/ Wal-Mart etc.

b.      Avoid selling cheap, nice looking brands that don’t do the job or hold up under use.

c.       Avoid purchasing a brand based on price only.


Q- What are some of the key support services that retailers should expect from their suppliers in this category?

A- Retailers should expect support from the manufacturers of high quality grooming products, in the form of brochures, charts, literature, website product info., technical support nationwide, service centers and local sales reps.


Q- What does the future hold for this category?

A- Mail order catalog companies specialize in offering retail customers a wide selection of professional grooming tools and this mail order category grows every year.  Basically the catalogers supply professional tools to retail customer’s that want the best professional grooming tools.  For the future of this category, if retailers will learn from the success of these huge catalogers that sell professional grooming tools to retail customers, then the retailers will hold their customer base and not lose the sales of professional grooming tools to the catalogers who are selling professional grooming tools to home users.

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