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IVac Clipper FAQ’s
Q. Will the iVac Clipper fit with my other vacuum systems?

A. Yes, we supply 8 different adapters (two sided) to plug into existing vacuum units. Also special adapters available to replace your existing  to allow you to use Laube.


Q. Do I really need 17’ of hose?

A. The length of the hose is really up to you and your needs.  The hose can be cut down to better suit your grooming conditions. 


Q. Why is iVac a better choice for me than other brands?

A. First of all ours is a clipper with a vacuum port through the clipper and out the back, which eliminates the hose on top of your clipper.  Which causes imbalance and obstruction of view. 


Q. Is the iVac hose a different dimension than what I may be using on my other  brands?

A. No, the diameter is exactly the same, it’s a standard in the market place.


Q. Does the iVac clipper accept my Oster, Andis, Wahl and Laube standard snap on blades?

A. Yes, no blade change is necessary.  The iVac will accept all standard snap on style blades.


Q. Will the iVac clipper hose clog?

A.  There is always that potential, but if you follow the procedures below this should not be an issue.  If clogging try these steps: 1. Cut your hose length (may be too long). 2. Spray our De-Mat (#KE303512) or Liquid Slicker (#WA803512) down the hose as this will cause a slick surface which hair cannot hang up on. 3. Do not cut damp or wet hair. 4.  Check your filter (may be full).

Q. Will my blades get hot using an iVac clipper?

A.  Not like they would using a regular clipper.  The air suction keeps them cool.


Q. Do I need to keep my cord zip tied to the hose?

A.  This is not necessary (comes from the factory this way), if you find this causes you discomfort, or find this cumbersome, by all means cut the zip ties off. This will also help with the cord accidentally being disconnected.


Q. Do I need to oil my blades as often?

A. Actually, yes you do need to oil your blades.  As the air flows by the blade this will cause your blades to dry out sooner.  So by all means, Oil, Oil, Oil, Try our oil in a spray can Dr. Slick (#303212).


Q. What if my clipper seems slow than normal or sluggish?

A. A few things could be going on.  1.  Lever needs to be replaced. 2. Name plate needs to be replaced (iVac tune up kit #SE5135200). 3.  Hair build up in the front cover plate, remove cover plate and clean, oil and grease this area, hair can build up in the cover plate and cut your performance.

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