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 We appreciate your business! That's why we aim to succeed in making your grooming experience go smooth and with ease. Should you have any situations arise with your clipper and/or trimmer along the way, feel free to call our Service Techs at: (805) 240-1313 for further instructions. They will be happy to assist you in getting things resolved. Help us help you by supplying us with your detailed information immediately upon receipt of your warranty card so we can quickly look up your records on file. Be sure to read the requirements set out below for Warranty issues, as well as non-Warranty Repair work. This will make for a great partnership and easy transaction for us, and more importantly YOU as our valued customer. Thank you.



(5-year limited Motor Warranty)


1.       Completely fill out, and sign your warranty card cut-out and mail within 10 days of purchase to:


Atten: Service Dept.


OXNARD, CA  93033


2.       Warranty work will be provided if your warranty card is properly filled out, signed and on file with our Laube Service Dept. within 30 days of purchase.



Instructions for sending in Warranty & Repair work to Laube Co.:

  • Be sure your warranty card has been sent to Laube Co. (see above terms)
  • Provide Proof-of-Purchase receipt (to be included with clipper items in box)
  • Include your full and correct:

o       Shipping address

o       Home phone number

o       Work phone number

o       Cell phone number

o       Fax number (if applicable)

o       With clipper products that you are shipping

  • Include all clipper items to be warranted
  • Include a brief note explaining the situation
  • Package properly and seal in a sturdy box
  • All damaged, and poorly packaged boxes will be refused
  • Any warranty product without the afore mentioned information will be returned in the same condition as it was received
  • A fee may be applied for any non-warranty wearable parts (i.e. lever, bearings, tune-up kits, etc.) that are recommended by our Service Technician.



For further questions feel free to contact our Laube Co. Service Dept. direct at:

Phone: (805) 240-1313

Fax: (805) 240-1302

To order parts: click on "PARTS" under Category.









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