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Changing clipper levers
Q. When do I know when to change my clipper lever?
A.  You will usually be the best judge of your own equipment.  But here are a few clues:  First you will notice a change in the performance of your clipper dropping off.  Then you may hear the clipper becoming noisier and noisier, and may not even move the blade at all. 

Q.  Why do I need to change my lever?
A.  This will improve the performance of your grooming and keep your blades running a lot smoother too, not to mention your clipper running better also.

Q.  How often should I change my lever?
A.  Every grooming situation is different, so it’s hard to say exactly when you will have to change out your lever.  We recommend anywhere from 2-8 months. 

Q.  Ive changed out my lever but my clipper still makes a funny clicking noise and does not cut well, what could be wrong?
A.  If you changed your lever and your still experiencing problems and symptoms like it could be a lever problem then it may be time for a “Tune Up”.  A Tune-Up is a kit that replaces all wearable parts in the front of your clipper (nameplate, bearing, lever, drive bearing, & grease)  Only $21.95 & well worth it.  We recommend this about every 1-2 years, depending how much work load you put on your clippers.

Q.  Ive changed my lever now I cannot snap my blade back on?
A.  This occasionally can happen with a new lever because of it being new and needs time to seat in and adjust to your blades.  Follow the FAQs on Blades on the site.

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