Deep Cleaning / De-Greasing / Odor Removal

  • Hairy Beast Shampoo Gallon Size Hairy Beast Shampoo 11.7 oz.

    Hairy Beast Shampoo 50:1

    HAIRY BEAST® is a 50:1 ultra-high concentrate shampoo and a leading Wild Animal® cleaner.  HAIRY BEAST® is safe to use on flea and tick bites it is a must for any season! HAIRY BEAST® is made with natural oils, herbs and extracts...
    $12.75 - $283.50
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  • Stampede Shampoo 100:1 Concentrate Gallon Size Stampede Shampoo 100:1 Concentrate 5 Gallon Size

    Stampede Shampoo The Ultimate Solution 100:1

    STAMPEDE™ is the ultimate 100:1 concentrated shampoo that is a necessity for great stable managment.  STAMPEDE™ is safe to use on filth fly bites, horse fly bites, mosquito bites, midge bites, and it is a must for horses! STAMPEDE™...
    $12.75 - $259.50
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  • Down-N-Dirty Shampoo Gallon Size Down-N-Dirty Shampoo 12 oz. Size

    Down-N-Dirty Shampoo 50:1

    DOWN-N-DIRTY™ is a 50:1 ultra high concentrate shampoo that does not contain soap or detergent. When you have a tough job ahead of you and you need to get down to business you need DOWN-N-DIRTY™. DOWN-N-DIRTY™ gets rid of every bit of...
    $10.95 - $201.00
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  • Wild Thang Shampoo Gallon Size Wild Thang Shampoo 5 Gallon Size

    Wild Thang Shampoo 50:1

    How can you make your dog smell better? Does your dog stink even after a bath? If so, you need to tame the wild odors with WILD THANG™ Shampoo.  Your pet's odor may be coming from it's skin not just the coat. WILD THANG™ tames odors by...
    $12.25 - $266.25
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