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  • Hair Pen and Pee Wee Blades

    These blades and combs fit the LAUBE HAIR PEN TRIMMER, LAUBE HAIR PEN AA, and the LAUBE PEE WEE TRIMMERS only. Made especially to fit both. Each blade size price varies. Can be resharpened by skilled professional only. We recommend to replace when dull...

    $12.00 - $18.25
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  • zipper blades free shipping

    303 Zipper Blades and Combs

    These blades and combs fit the LAUBE 303 ZIPPER TRIMMER only. Made especially to fit. Each blade and comb size price varies. Can be resharpened by skilled professionals only. We recommend replacement when dull and not cutting good. This saves you time as...

    $13.20 - $29.70
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  • CX Ceramic Wide Blades

    CX Ceramic Wide Blades

    Laube Professional Gold series: Titanium Plating stays Sharper Longer Titanium Plating is Rust Resistant Ultra Hard 90+ Rockwell Ceramic Blade runs up to 80% cooler Ceramic Blade Stays Sharper up to 10 times Longer Fits all snap on style clippers

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  • laube cx blade 10 laube cx blade 15

    CX Steel Blades

    FITS ALL BRANDS OF STANDARD SNAP-ON STYLE CLIPPERS (does NOT fit on the #305-Speed Feed, or other Trimmer Kits) Ice-Tempered Stays Sharp Longer Runs Cool Ultra Hard 90+ Rockwell High Carbon Steel Hard Chrome Finish Quieter Smoother Improves Clipper...

    $26.95 - $83.50
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  • laube cx wide blade 40w laube cx wide blade 30w

    CX Wide Steel Blades

    NO OTHERS LIKE IT! ONLY BLADES LIKE THESE IN THE WORLD!!! Laube is THEE only brand that offers WIDE blades in a such variety of sizes. That's what makes us stand alone as innovators of the 21st Century in technology. Be among the first to fall in love...

    $46.95 - $67.50
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  • Laube GCX blade 10 ceramic Laube GCX blade 15 ceramic

    GCX Ceramic Blades

    Excellent quality Ceramic blades. Ultra Hard 90+ Rockwell. High Carbon, chrome coated steel w/ceramic cutters, glides through hair. Rust proof cutter blade. Fits all snap on clippers. Ceramic blades run up to 80% cooler and stay sharper up to 10 times...

    $41.75 - $65.75
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  • Shifty Trimmer Blades

    This blade fits the SHIFTY TRIMMER only. 4 Sizes in 1 blade: #30 / 000 (leaves 1/50" / 0.5mm) #15 / 0A (leaves 3/64" / 1.0mm) #10 / 0 (leaves 1/16" / 1.5mm) #9 / 1A (leaves 5/64" / 2.0mm)

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  • 305 Speed Feed and Purrrl Blades

    The Speed Feed Blades fit the 305 model Speed Feed Trimmer handpiece and the NEW Cat trimmer "Purrl". Interchangeable with steel or ceramic blades. Choose your favorite type when purchasing. All will work on your trimmer. Some blade sizes may be...

    $25.75 - $31.75
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