• Twitch'n Stops Itchen Shampoo 50:1

    Twitch'n Stops Itchen Shampoo 50:1

    What is the best thing to put on a pet's hot spots?  What can I use for my pet's hot spots? How can I stop my pet from twitchen and itchen? Try: Twitch’n Stops Itchin™ is a 50:1 shampoo that does not contain soap or harsh degreasers...
    $14.00 - $282.00
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  • Stanky Dawg Shampoo Gallon Size

    Stanky Dawg Shampoo 50:1

    Go from stank to swank and you'll thank Stanky Dawg shampoo that your pet doesn't smell rank! Stanky Dawg™ a 50:1 professionally concentrated shampoo that does not contain soap or harsh degreasers. When you have a tough job ahead of you and you...
    $12.50 - $215.00
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  • Kelco™ Kick Ass Shampoo Gallon Size Kelco™ Kick Ass Shampoo 11.7 oz size

    Kick Ass Shampoo 50:1

    What is the best smelling pet shampoo?  Ask your pet!  It's Kick Ass Clean™ Shampoo.  It kicks smells and bad odors to the curb and gives dirt the boot!   Kick Ass Clean™ is a 50:1 ultra-high concentrate shampoo that...
    $14.00 - $280.00
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  • Mix and Match Sampler Kit 11.7 oz. Mix and Match Sampler Kit 11.7 oz., Showing Dr. Hypo, Dirty Dog, Dirty Dog Face Off, and Wild Thang Shampoos cascading style.

    Shampoo Sampler Kit

    Choose any four (11.7 fl.oz.) Shampoo or Conditioners from our following brands: Kelco™ Nature's Choice® Wild Animal® Super Coats™ Dirty Dog® Enter the name of your selected products in the "Products Selected Enter Here" area...
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  • Kelco™ Apple Oats Conditioner Gallon Size Kelco™ Apple Oats Conditioner 11.7 oz Size

    Apple Oats Conditioner 50:1

    APPLE OATS CONDITIONER™ is a 50:1 professionally concentrate conditioner.  Designed with real oatmeal, essential fatty acids, vitamins and apple pectin to create a rich, moisturizing conditioner.  APPLE OATS CONDITIONER™ restores...
    $13.00 - $232.00
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  • Pump - For 5 Gallon Bucket

    Pump - For 5 Gallon Bucket

    Heavy duty 5 gallon pump dispensing nozzle for 5 gallon buckets and pails.  Helps to regulate the needed amount of shampoo, conditioner or cologne needed for specific grooming needs.  Will also help to keep shampoo, conditioner, and colognes...
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  • Kelco™ DeMat Spray Gallon Size Kelco™ DeMat Spray Gallon Size

    DeMat Spray RTU

    DE-MAT SPRAY™ is RTU (ready to use) leave-in conditioner.  A hydrous conditioner and mat eliminator with UV blockers.  DE-MAT SPRAY™ decreases grooming time while repelling dust and urine.  DE-MAT SPRAY™ leaves the coat...
    $16.50 - $200.00
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  • DP99 - Dip 64:1 DP99 - Dip 64:1

    DP99 - Dip 64:1

    Dp99™ is a natural alternative herbal rinse that makes up to 65 gallons. DP99™ contains hair polishers that make short-haired coats super shiny.   DP99™ contains natural oils, fruit, and herbal extracts. Since DP99™ is safe...
    $16.00 - $338.00
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  • DP76 - Dip 64:1 DP76 - Dip 64:1

    DP76 - Dip 64:1

    Dp76™ is a 64:1 herbal leave-on finishing rinse that makes up to 64 gallons. Since DP76™ is safe on FLEA & TICK bites it is a must for the summer season.   DP76™ is safe for puppies and kittens.  DP76™ is made with...
    $16.00 - $374.00
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  • Kelco™ Cherry Conditioner Gallon Size Kelco™ Cherry Conditioner 11.7 oz Size

    Cherry Conditioner 50:1

    CHERRY CONDITIONER™ is a 50:1 highly concentrated conditioner that contains an extreme amount of plant proteins and Panthenol. Protein makes limp lifeless hair voluminous and luxurious. Panthenol (Vitamin B-5) makes hair strong and more elastic...
    $11.50 - $214.25
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  • Kelco™ Ultra Moisturizer Gallon Size Kelco™ Ultra Moisturizer 11.7 oz., Size

    Ultra Moisturizer 50:1

    ULTRA Moisturizer 50:1 Conditioner is formulated to rebuild damaged coats, turn dry, scaly skin into soft supple skin without leaving coat greasy, oily or unmanageable.  Gentle enough to moisturize damaged skin due to sunburn, hot spots or bug...
    $12.00 - $193.00
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  • Zap Ear Clean RTU Zap Ear Clean RTU

    Zap Ear Clean RTU

    What can I clean my dog's ears with? What can I do for my dog's itchy ears? What is the stuff in my dog's ears? If you've ever asked or wondered...ZAP EAR CLEAN™ is the answer. ZAP EAR CLEAN™is a professional strength liquid ear cleaner...
    $12.50 - $204.00
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  • Kelco™ Ultra Silk Conditioner 64:1 Concentrate in Gallon Size Kelco™ Ultra Silk Conditioner 64:1 Concentrate in 11.7 oz., Size

    Ultra Silk Conditioner 64:1

    ULTRA SILK® is a 64:1 super-concentrated liquid silk conditioner. A non-greasy body building formula with silk protein along with essential fatty acids and vitamins to create the ultimate moisturizer and conditioner for both skin and hair. ...
    $13.00 - $241.00
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  • Kelco™ Plum Cream Rinse Conditioner Gallon Size Kelco™Plum Cream Rinse Conditioner 11.7 oz., Size

    Plum Cream Rinse Conditioner 50:1

    PLUM CREAM RINSE™ is a 50:1 concentrated hair and skin conditioner. PLUM CREAM RINSE™ contains botanical proteins to leave the coat smooth and shiny without leaving the coat limp. PLUM CREAM RINSE™ is specially formulated with essential...
    $13.00 - $233.00
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  • Kelco™ Zap Shampoo Gallon Size Kelco™ Zap Shampoo 11.7 oz. Size

    Zap Shampoo 50:1

    ZAP SHAMPOO™ is 50:1 shampoo formulated for easy pouring, lots of lather, and easy rinsability.  If you're on a cleaning streak ZAP SHAMPOO™ is the perfect choice for your grooming needs.  ZAP SHAMPOO™ will have dirt dashing,...
    $12.50 - $212.00
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  • Kelco™ Pennyroyal Gallon Shampoo Kelco™ Pennyroyal 11.7 oz. Shampoo

    Pennyroyal Shampoo 50:1

    Kelco™ Pennyroyal Shampoo contains NO pennyroyal, yet formulated and perfected to have all the  benefits of Pennyroyal.  What's the point?  Kelco Pennyroyal can be applied for silky conditioning and is a powerful summer shampoo for...
    $12.50 - $233.00
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  • Kelco™ Koala Leaf Gallon Shampoo Koala Leaf 50:1

    Koala Leaf 50:1

    Koala Leaf Shampoo is a balanced blend of oils, such as eucalyptus and D-limonene.  A traditional alternative to minty, pepperminty and spicy-scented shampoos.  KOALA LEAF™ is a 50:1 highly concentrated professional shampoo with natural...
    $13.25 - $253.00
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  • Kelco™ Zap Spray RTU in Gallon Size Kelco™ Zap Spray RTU in 11.7 oz., Size

    Zap Spray RTU

    ZAP SPRAY™ is a professional strength natural alternative pet spray with instant results without drying out the skin.  ZAP SPRAY™ can be sprayed on undiluted or it can be diluted up to 64:1 to be used as a dip.    Many...
    $14.00 - $260.00
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  • Kelco™ DP64 Pet Dip in Gallon Size DP64 - Dip 64:1

    DP64 - Dip 64:1

    Dp64™ is a 64:1 super concentrate non-rinsing tonic with 14-day conditioning residual.  Since DP64™ is safe to use on insect bites it is a must for the summer season! DP64™is made with natural oils, herbs, and extracts.  ...
    $14.00 - $280.00
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