• Tonic Plunge 44 Dip 64:1 Tonic Plunge 44 Dip 64:1

    Tonic Plunge 44 Dip 64:1

    TONIC PLUNGE 44™ is a 64:1 herbal leave-in finishing rinse that makes up to 64 gallons. Since TONIC PLUNGE 44™ is safe on flea and tick bites it is a must for the summer season.  Dips are generally used or recommended for treatment of...
    $18.50 - $288.00
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  • Tonic Plunge 88 Dip Gallon Tonic Plunge 88 Dip Quick Glance Info Sheet

    Tonic Plunge 88 Dip

    TONIC PLUNGE 88™ is a 64:1 concentrated alternative herbal rinse.   TONIC PLUNGE 88™ contains hair polishers that make short-haired coats super shiny.  TONIC PLUNGE 88™ contains natural oils, fruit, and herbal extracts...
    $18.50 - $288.00
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  • Tonic Plunge 22 Dip Gallon Size Tonic Plunge 22 Dip Quick Glance Info Sheet

    Tonic Plunge 22 Dip

    TONIC PLUNGE 22™ is a 64:1 concentrated, leave-in tonic with a 14-day conditioning remnant. Since TONIC PLUNGE 22™ is safe to use with flea and tick applications it is a must for summer season! TONIC PLUNGE 22™is made with natural oils,...
    $16.00 - $288.00
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  • Liquid Slicker RTU De-Mat Gallon Liquid Slicker RTU De-Mat 5 Gallon

    Liquid Slicker RTU De-Matter

    LIQUID SLICKER® is an RTU (ready-to-use) leave-in conditioner. Liquid Slicker® is an aqueous, lightweight conditioner and mat eliminator with UV blockers.  LIQUID SLICKER® decreases grooming time while repelling dust and urine. ...
    $16.50 - $238.00
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