Vacuum Clippers Kits

  • iVac Hose Kit

    iVAC Hose KitⓇ

    Product Details/Features: Hose - Length 18 ft. Hose diameter size permits optimal evacuation time and flow resistance. Lightweight and flexible Eight vacuum adaptors Air valve with slide ring Laube iVAC Hose KitⓇ fits all Laube iVAC Vacuum SystemsⓇ,...
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  • iVac Speed Controller

    iVACⓇ Vacuum Speed Controller

    For use with Laube iVac products only. Control vacuum suction speed with the turn of a knob. This connects to your vacuum (not the clipper) so you can adjust the suction to a low calming  speed for sensitive areas or skittish pet clients.  Can...
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  • laube ivac handpiece laube ivac 851 complete kit

    Laube 851 iVAC Vacuum Clipper Kit 2 Speed

    Do you suffer with "fur-fetti"? Dog "glitter"? "Hair of the dog"? (not that kind)...  You need the Laube iVac Clipper! The Laube iVac Clipper is the best, handiest, multi-client and multi-purposed grooming tool and clipper.  It can remove...
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  • iVAC Ⓡ Hose DeClogger

    iVAC Ⓡ Hose DeClogger

    For use with Laube iVACⓇ products only. Helps keep your iVACⓇ Hose clean and free of any sticky, hairy, furry debris. For maximum performance this tool will keep the suction of your iVACⓇ System at its peak. It will clean the standard 18 ft., iVAC Hose.
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  • laube ivac 871 cowboy handpiece front laube ivac 871 cowboy complete kit view

    871 iVAC Cowboy Clipper Kit 2 Speed

    The Laube iVac Clippers is the best, handiest, multi-client and multi-purposed grooming tool and clipper.  It can remove parasites, dander, pests, dust, dead skin, and airborne allergens from your pet's fur and coat WHILE you groom.  It...
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  • iVAC Transformer

    iVAC Transformer

    Fits iVAC Clipper models 851 and 871.  (A replacement item for clippers manufactured after 2007.) This iVAC transformer is engineered with stronger materials so you will never have to worry about cords short circuiting, wearing or fraying. It will...
    $21.50 - $51.95
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