• speed feed Charger base and transformer Speed Feed Trimmer Charger Base

    Speed Feed and Purrrl Charging Options

    The Speed Feed & Purrrl Charger Base & Transformer can only be used for the Speed Feed Trimmer Kit & Purrrl Cat Trimmer. Does not include battery packs, blades, combs, handpiece, etc. Includes 2 FAST Charge Bays and plug-in transformer!
    $36.95 - $92.00
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  • Laube Lithium-Ion US charger cord shown. USA, AU, UK, and EU plug adaptors shown.

    Lithium-Ion Charger Cord

    The Lithium-Ion Charger Cord is a replacement part.  This cord is compatible for all Laube Lithium-Ion Charger packs for charging Laube Lithium-Ion batteries.  Options: USA (IEC/C7) AUS (IEC/C7) UK   (IEC/C7) EU ...
    $5.45 - $21.25
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  • Lithium Ion Charger - Includes Plug

    Lithium Ion Charger - Includes Plug

    This Lithium Ion Charger will fit batteries for clipper models: Litening #821, 804 (cordpack/cordless version) Mini Micro #721, 704 (cordpack/cordless version) Mini Lazor #521, 544 (cordpack/cordless version) Cowboy #571, 575 (cordpack/cordless...
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  • Lazor Quick Charger for Lazor Super Batteries

    Lazor Quick Charger

    The Lazor Quick Charger will charge all Super Battery packs for Lazor handpieces, and handpieces included in clipper kits'  505 and 555 models.  The Lazor Quick Charger will charge batteries full in 45-60 min.  The charger is designed with...
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