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Dips - Sprays

  • Kelco DeMat Spray Gallon Size Kelco DeMat Spray 5 Gallon Size

    DeMat Spray RTU

    DE-MAT SPRAY™ is RTU (ready to use) leave-in conditioner.  A hydrous conditioner and mat eliminator with UV blockers.  DE-MAT SPRAY™ decreases grooming time while repelling dust and urine.  DE-MAT SPRAY™ leaves the coat...

    $14.75 - $187.50
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  • Kelco DP64 Pet Dip in Gallon Size Kelco DP64 Pet Dip in 11.7 oz., Size

    DP64 - Dip 64:1

    Dp64™ is a 64:1 super concentrate non-rinsing tonic with 14-day conditioning residual.  Since DP64™ is safe to use on insect bites it is a must for the summer season! DP64™is made with natural oils, herbs, and extracts.  ...

    $12.25 - $268.25
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  • DP76 - Dip 64:1 DP76 - Dip 64:1

    DP76 - Dip 64:1

    Dp76™ is a 64:1 herbal leave-on finishing rinse that makes up to 64 gallons. Since DP76™ is safe on FLEA & TICK bites it is a must for the summer season.   DP76™ is safe for puppies and kittens.  DP76™ is made with...

    $14.25 - $341.25
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  • Kelco DP99 Dip Gallon Size Kelco DP99 Dip 11.7 oz., Size

    DP99 - Dip 64:1

    Dp99™ is a natural alternative herbal rinse that makes up to 65 gallons. DP99™ contains hair polishers that make short-haired coats super shiny.   DP99™ contains natural oils, fruit, and herbal extracts. Since DP99™ is safe...

    $14.25 - $310.50
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  • Zap Ear Clean RTU Zap Ear Clean RTU

    Zap Ear Clean RTU

    What can I clean my dog's ears with? What can I do for my dog's itchy ears? What is the stuff in my dog's ears? If you've ever asked or wondered...ZAP EAR CLEAN™ is the answer. ZAP EAR CLEAN™is a professional strength liquid ear cleaner...

    $10.95 - $191.25
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  • Kelco Zap Spray RTU in Gallon Size Kelco Zap Spray RTU in 11.7 oz., Size

    Zap Spray RTU

    ZAP SPRAY™ is a professional strength natural alternative pet spray with instant results without drying out the skin.  ZAP SPRAY™ can be sprayed on undiluted or it can be diluted up to 64:1 to be used as a dip.    Many...

    $12.25 - $241.25
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