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  • 306 Corded Speed Feed Trimmer 306 Corded Speed Feed Trimmer complete kit

    306 Speed Feed Cordpack Trimmer Kit

      Now comes with a slip on comb attachment to allow you to use ALL standard snap on comb sizes of your preference. Your Speed Feed or Purrrl can be corded and cordless!!!! (battery & charger sold separately) (scroll down to purchase...
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  • laube 305 purrrl laube 305 purrrl  complete kit

    306 Purrrl Cordpack Trimmer Kit

    Laube is Proudly Endorsed By: Also available in Yellow as the Speed Feed. But we think the Purrrple Purrrl is Purrrfect for cats! (Combs no longer included in the kit. They can be purchased separately. The Purrrl now takes standard type snap on...
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  • Purrrl Handpiece with battery. Purrrl Handpiece with battery.  Lights shown.

    305 Purrrl Cordless Trimmer Kit

    The Purrrl Cordless Cat Trimmer is our purrrfectly purrrforming purrrple trimmer.  A highly purrrceptible trimmer for purrrcise trimming.  An excellent trimmer for small, toy, or minature pet breeds.  With a 5-in-1 blade, all of your...
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  • pee wee trimmer kit

    326 Pee Wee Trimmer Kit

    Kit Includes: Power packed tiny trimmer yet peanut sized! Ultra lightweight and ergonomic Only 4.25" small Easy to handle Direct Drive - Rotary Motor 1) Pee Wee Handpiece 1) T-Blade 4) Combs: 3/8", 1/2", 1/8", 1/4" 1) Oil 1) Cleaning brush Sales...
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