Hand Lotions

  • Hoof Worx 11.7 oz Size Hoof Worx Gallon

    Hoof Worx 50:1

    HOOF WORX™ is RTU (ready-to-use) and can be applied with a brush, cloth, or your fingertips.  Designed to help maintain healthy hooves and hoof growth.  Improves water resistance and in dry, hot conditions it helps to retain moisture...
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  • Nature's Choice!® Aloe Vet Cream in 4 oz.

    Nature's Choice!® Aloe Vet Cream

    Nature's Choice!®Aloe Vet Cream is a natural skin, nail and hoof lotion for veterinary use. It conditions irritated skin and is safe to use on flea and tick bites, hot spots, and other irritations. Reformulated with:Colloidal Oatmeal: Oatmeal has...
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