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Clipper Blade Combs, NEW side rails for a tight non shift fit.

Price: From $4.95 to $84.45
In stock
Item #: 502
COMB SET OF (8) INCLUDES SIZES: #0, #1/2, #1, #1.5, #2, #3, #4, #5, and FREE comb case
COMB SET OF (6) INCLUDES SIZES: #A, #B, #C, #D, #E, #S, and FREE comb case
COMB SET OF (14) INCLUDES *ALL* SIZES AND DELUXE FREE comb case w/carrying handle  


 Four (4) sided 'Snap on Combs' w/side rails to keep your combs from shifting while grooming.  Super strong, won't bend!

 Don't let imitation combs fool you. We are the first original to come out with the biggest and the best combs available! We created the unique letter sizes. No one can beat our sizes and design. Best quality, and hugest selection. We lazor etch each comb for easy to read sizes. **NEW FEATURE** Four (4) sided 'Snap on Combs' with side rails to keep your combs from shifting while grooming.  Super strong, won't bend!

Can be cold sterilized. Fits most snap-on style clippers. Of course we recommend using them on only the best clippers: LAUBE brand! Combs come assembled and ready for use. Spring loaded and impact resistant Four (4) sided 'Snap on Combs' with side rails to keep your combs from shifting while grooming. MADE IN USA. Available in Black or Yellow.

Product Options:

Set of 14 Combs (with free case) ($84.45)
Set of 8 Combs (with free case) ($39.50)
Set of 6 Combs (with free case) ($45.75)
#0 comb (9/16" 14mm) ($5.95)
#1/2 comb (1/2" 13mm) ($5.95)
#1 comb (15/32" 12mm) ($4.95)
#1.5 comb (7/16" 11mm) ($4.95)
#2 comb (3/8" 10mm) ($4.95)
#3 comb (1/4" 6mm) ($4.95)
#4 comb (1/8" 3mm) ($4.95)
#5 comb (1/16" 1.5mm) ($4.95)
#A comb (3/4" 19mm) ($7.65)
#B comb (13/16" 21mm) ($7.65)
#C comb (7/8" 22mm) ($7.65)
#D comb (15/16" 24mm) ($7.65)
#E comb (1" 25mm) ($7.65)
#S comb (29/32" 23mm) ($7.65)

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Product Reviews & Testimonials

(11 Ratings, 9 Reviews) Average Rating:
Greatest buy
Otter (NC) 11/6/2013 9:00 PM
I have had my set for over 10 years now and they are still like brand new. Still fit tight to the blade. The only problem I am having now it they have limited the colors you can get. My set is pink and I want to buy a new set but would love to see them come in purple too!!! Other then the color issue they will be the only comb attachment set I will ever buy! Thank you Laube for great products!
plastic combs are the best
Cindy Miller (texas) 5/3/2013 8:53 PM
I bought my set of plastic guard combs when I started grooming 10 years ago, and I'm still using the same set every day. They've never broken and still grip the 40 blade like new. I now manage a salon and recommend them to all my groomers. Definitely the best!
works great
catherine s (MD, United States) 7/1/2011 7:37 PM
I just ordered these and love the case that I get with it, with extra spaces for other combs. The springs are tight and fit snugly onto my clipper and they don't move when I use them. I love the bold identification on the side which tells me the comb size and the length it cuts, makes things so much more easy for me. worth the bucks, and I feel like they're stiffer and conform better than other brands.
grooming student
me (NC) 6/19/2011 3:38 PM
I know how great these combs are. Others pop off or make terribly loud noises and these combs always deliver. Plus my salon manager highly reccomends this brand for her students. The only bad thing is the color variety. I really wanted my combs to be different and was looking for purple.
master groomer 25 yrs.
joyce (new windsor ny) 10/15/2009 4:25 AM
stainless steel blade combs are not great at all,i tried them for the first time recently after always using plastic combs.what happened to me was the E snap on steel comb was so thin it went in between the teeth of my brand new 40 blade and broke off 6 of the teeth.when i used it with my 10 blade it went in between the teeth again, it didnt break them this time but it was vibrating like crazy, and did not seem to be cutting properly. this is just my experience and may not apply to everyone but i definetly prefer plastic combs!!!!!!!!!!
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