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Colognes / Specialties

  • Derma Pure DeMat and Detangler Spray

    Derma Pure DeMat and Detangler Spray

    A non-toxic, natural antistatic spray that aids in the brush-out of thick, dense, difficult coats or in the removal of tangles and mats. If you've been searching for a gentle but effective pre-brush products - choose SuperCoats® DermaPure™ De-Tangle...

    $14.75 - $45.95
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  • Derma Renew Moisture Plus Spray

    Derma Renew Moisture Plus Spray

    A pH balanced, hydrating, deionized, antistatic spray formulated to aid in the relief of dry, moisture-starved skin. Moisture Plus acts to soothe and hydrate the skin while eliminating static electricity in the coat. Best of all, it hydrates without even...

    $14.25 - $35.75
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  • SuperCoats Collection (11.7 oz sizes)

    What you get: 1 Each of the 11.7 oz. size of Pam Lauritzen's Entire Line of Products (Size exception: Fragrance #9 is 4 oz. size only) available PLUS her Chart. Combined with the SuperCoats® Skin and Coat Care Module, Chart, and Worldwide Support...

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  • SuperCoats Fragrance #9

    SuperCoats Fragrance #9

    Fragrance No. 9 is made with natural oils, it makes a great NATURAL ALTERNATIVE to other sprays. Fragrance No. 9 can be diluted with water for subtler aroma and used to touch up the coat. Fragrance No. 9 is mild, pH balanced, natural, biodegradable and...

    $16.75 - $63.00
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