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  • iVac Speed Controller

    iVACⓇ Vacuum Speed Controller

    For use with Laube iVac products only. Control vacuum suction speed with the turn of a knob. This connects to your vacuum (not the clipper) so you can adjust the suction to a low calming  speed for sensitive areas or skittish pet clients.  Can...
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  • iVAC Ⓡ Hose DeClogger

    iVAC Ⓡ Hose DeClogger

    For use with Laube iVACⓇ products only. Helps keep your iVACⓇ Hose clean and free of any sticky, hairy, furry debris. For maximum performance this tool will keep the suction of your iVACⓇ System at its peak. It will clean the standard 18 ft., iVAC Hose.
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  • Transformer with US Plug

    Transformer with US Plug

    This 12v transformer is the updated version of the previous (larger transformer). It will fit newer versions of Laube Corded Clippers. This newer transformer is much smaller, not cumbersome, with easy built-in plug that goes directly into the wall and...
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  • iVAC Transformer

    iVAC Transformer

    Fits iVAC Clipper models 851 and 871.  (A replacement item for clippers manufactured after 2007.) This iVAC transformer is engineered with stronger materials so you will never have to worry about cords short circuiting, wearing or fraying. It will...
    $21.50 - $51.95
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  • Hinge Screws - Pack of 6

    Hinge Screws - Pack of 6

    Standard Hinge Screws fits all: Lazors, Mini Lazors, Mini Micros, Litenings, Flash, and Cowboy Shear clipper models Replacements screws. Picture is for pictorial reference only. Quantity denotes one pack of 6 screws. Screws are not sold individually.
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  • Blade Screws - Pack of 6

    Blade Screws - Pack of 6

    Replacements screws. Sold in a set of 6. Quantity denotes one 6-pack. Fits all brand blades. Recommended for LAUBE blades. Picture shown is for reference only.
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  • Dr. Slick - Spray Oil in a Can - Made in U.S.A Dr. Slick - Spray Oil in a Can - Made in U.S.A

    Dr. Slick - Spray Oil in a Can - Made in U.S.A

    Please note: Aerosol products can ship UPS ground ONLY. No air options or USPS aptions available.Dr. Slick is formulated to lubricate, displace water, rid debris, prevent rust, and pentrate into the pores of the metal and plastic parts providing you the...
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  • Enduro Drive Bearing Enduro Drive Bearing

    Enduro Drive Bearing

    Round metal bearing fits under the lever and atop the motor. Fits All Laube brand clippers only. Be sure to lightly grease when replacing. MADE IN USA.
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  • hinge

    Hinge Assembly

    Laube Hinge Assembly. Fits all Laube Lazor, Litening, Shear/Cowboy, and Mini clipper models. Does not fit trimmers. Can be easily replaced using a screwdriver. Be sure to save screws or replace them. ***SCREWS SOLD SEPARATELY*** MADE IN USA.  
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  • laube clipper latch


    Laube clipper replacement Latch. Choose in product options if you need a latch for the Cowboy clipper. Does not fit trimmers. IMPORTANT: Push up on latch FIRST before releasing blade.
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  • Tune Up Kits - Choose Clipper Model Tune Up Kits - Choose Clipper Model

    Tune Up Kits - Choose Clipper Model

    No Light options: The STANDARD fits all: Lazors, Mini Lazors,Mini Micro & Thunder clipper models The COWBOY® fits all: Curved Shear clipper models The LITENING® fits all: Litening & Cowgirl clipper models The BOLT® fits all: Bolt and...
    $28.75 - $49.95
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  • Individual super duty lever shown. 6 Super duty levers with pillow pack of grease shown.

    Levers/Drive Arms

    How often should you replace your blade drive or blade lever? The answer is: regularly.  Why?  The blade drive or lever is what makes the cutter part of the blade move back and forth and cut hair.  Competitor clippers drive arms are...
    $4.65 - $44.75
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  • Blade Dip - Lubricant, Cleaner Blade Dip - Lubricant, Cleaner

    Blade Dip - Lubricant, Cleaner

    Finally... the blade cleaner that actually smells good! A fresh tropical scent. BLADE DIP deodorizes and lubricates clipper blades, scissors and grooming tools. It will displace water, prevent rust and penetrate into the pores of the metal to protect...
    $12.00 - $58.00
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