Flea Products

  • Kelco™ Kick Ass Shampoo Gallon Size Kelco™ Kick Ass Shampoo 11.7 oz size

    Kick Ass Shampoo 50:1

    What is the best smelling pet shampoo?  Ask your pet!  It's Kick Ass Clean™ Shampoo.  It kicks smells and bad odors to the curb and gives dirt the boot!   Kick Ass Clean™ is a 50:1 ultra-high concentrate shampoo that...
    $14.00 - $280.00
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  • Kelco™ Zap Shampoo Gallon Size Kelco™ Zap Shampoo 11.7 oz. Size

    Zap Shampoo 50:1

    ZAP SHAMPOO™ is 50:1 shampoo formulated for easy pouring, lots of lather, and easy rinsability.  If you're on a cleaning streak ZAP SHAMPOO™ is the perfect choice for your grooming needs.  ZAP SHAMPOO™ will have dirt dashing,...
    $12.50 - $212.00
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  • Kelco™ Pennyroyal Gallon Shampoo Kelco™ Pennyroyal 11.7 oz. Shampoo

    Pennyroyal Shampoo 50:1

    Kelco™ Pennyroyal Shampoo contains NO pennyroyal, yet formulated and perfected to have all the  benefits of Pennyroyal.  What's the point?  Kelco Pennyroyal can be applied for silky conditioning and is a powerful summer shampoo for...
    $12.50 - $233.00
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  • Kelco™ Koala Leaf Gallon Shampoo Koala Leaf 50:1

    Koala Leaf 50:1

    Koala Leaf Shampoo is a balanced blend of oils, such as eucalyptus and D-limonene.  A traditional alternative to minty, pepperminty and spicy-scented shampoos.  KOALA LEAF™ is a 50:1 highly concentrated professional shampoo with natural...
    $13.25 - $253.00
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  • Kelco™ Filthy Animal Shampoo in Gallon Size Filthy Animal Shampoo 50:1

    Filthy Animal Shampoo 50:1

    Go gansta' on animal grime and pet smells with Kelco™ Filthy Animal Shampoo!  With the 50:1 concentrate you can save money, and keep more than just the change with Filthy Animal!   FILTHY ANIMAL® is a 50:1 highly concentrated...
    $14.50 - $298.00
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  • Dr. FL33 Shampoo 50:1 Kelco™ Dr. Fl33 11.7 oz., Shampoo Size

    Dr. FL33 Shampoo 50:1

    Dr. FL33® is a 50:1 concentrated all purpose shampoo that does not contain soap or harsh degreasers.  Dr. FL33® is safe to use on flea and tick bites it is a must for summer season! Dr. FL33® is also safe to use with other flea control...
    $14.50 - $291.00
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  • Kelco™Ultra MD Shampoo in Gallon Size Ultra M.D. Shampoo 50:1

    Ultra M.D. Shampoo 50:1

    ULTRA M.D.® (Marvelously Diluting) shampoo is a 50:1 "Marvelous Diluting" shampoo that is excellent for deep cleansing. ULTRA M.D.® contains natural oils and extracts. Ultra Moisturizer helps rebuild damaged coats and turn dry, scaly skin into...
    $13.00 - $231.00
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  • Kelco™ Cocoa Tar Shampoo in Gallon Size Kelco™ Cocoa Tar Shampoo in 11.7 oz. Size

    Cocoa Tar Shampoo 50:1

    COCOA TAR™ is a 50:1 ultra-high concentrate color enhancing shampoo that does not contain soap or harsh degreasers.  COCOA TAR™ contains sage extract which is widely used to control dandruff and other skin conditions.  Removes...
    $12.50 - $235.00
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  • Kelco™ Bubble Neem Shampoo in Gallon Size Kelco™ Bubble Neem Shampoo in 11.7 oz Size

    Bubble Neem Shampoo 50:1

    What is neem good for? Neem Oil has natural properties that support and stimulate hair follicle growth and function. It helps with hair thinning caused by pollution, stress or medication. Therefore, regular cleansing with Kelco™ Bubble Neem...
    $12.50 - $231.00
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